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Who am I buying from?

La Dolce Vita Lifestyle Co. work with various suppliers to bring you the best Italy themed products. We showcase those products and link to the suppliers’ own stores so that you buy from the original supplier.

How much is postage?

This varies by supplier and product. We don’t show any postage price information on our site as this may be subject to change.

Why do some prices not match the suppliers’ stores?

We show the base price of products on this site as a guide. Because of the complexity of sales taxes in different locations, the final price shown on the suppliers’ stores may vary depending on your location to reflect the applicable level of sales tax.

Who do I contact if there’s a problem with my order?

You should contact the store owner directly to discuss any issues you encounter with an order.

Do you receive a commission on sales?

Yes, in most cases we will receive a commission on purchases made by customers we have referred.